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Is your garage door making strange sounds while opening and closing? Or has your garage door come off the track? This unusual behavior indicates that the track of the garage door is worn or damaged.

The garage door track keeps the door aligned. Further, they are used to guide the garage door into the open and closed position. However, over time garage door tracks become old and rusty. They also get damaged after years of use. This is why you need a garage door track replacement.

Cornelius Garage Doors offers quick and efficient garage door track replacement services. When your garage door is off track you can either get it repaired or replaced. Our professionals will let you decide between the garage door track repair and replacement.

With years of experience in replacing and repairing the garage door tracks, they will get the job done right, the first time only. We are available 24/7 to get your garage door off trackback to work within hours. 

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Moreover, we also assure to provide high-quality service because customer satisfaction is what we work for. Our team performs only quality garage door repairs.

Thus, if your garage door tracks are bent or twisted, call Cornelius Garage Doors for professional assistance. Call us now on 704-830-0213 to schedule a visit.

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Why does the garage door get off track?

There are various reasons that the garage door can get off track. The most common reasons are as follows:

When you hit the garage door with your vehicle

Whenever you move your vehicle in or out of the garage, chances are you may hit the garage door. When the garage door gets hit hard by the vehicle, the door can come off its tracks from the force of your vehicle. 

The experts of Cornelius Garage Doors suggest that if the track is not much damaged then a garage door track repair can work. However, if the garage door track breaks due to the car hit, you may require replacing it.

Other defective parts of the garage door system

A garage door works because of various moving parts - the garage door rollers, springs, panel, cable, and drums. If any other part of the garage door system gets damaged, it can also cause damage to the garage door track.

According to our technicians, if the cables or drums are damaged, then the entire weight of the door comes on the garage door tracks. This will lead to the breaking or cracking of the tracks. Most of the time the bottom track gets more damaged. We recommend you get your garage door bottom track replacement service as soon as possible.

Path Obstructions

When the sensors of the garage door become misaligned, they get in the way of the door closing properly. This makes the garage door come off track.

In order to decide whether you need garage door track repair or replacement, you need to call a professional. They will analyze the track and will let you decide between garage door track repair and replacement.

Cornelius Garage Doors offers top-notch garage door bottom track replacement services in Cornelius, NC. We are a team of trained and skilled experts. Our company specializes in dealing with all kinds of garage doors off track. 

Our experts will save you time and money by replacing the garage door track. Our company knows it all as we specialize in replacing garage door tracks. 

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garage door track replacement cornelius nc

Garage door bottom track replacement by Cornelius Garage Doors - Everything you need to know

Cornelius Garage Doors is a leading name in Cornelius, NC for quick and efficient garage door track repair and replacement. From high lift systems to garage door vertical tracks, we can offer the most effective garage door bottom track replacement for any resident or business.


You schedule an appointment

When you schedule an appointment, our technicians will arrive at your place at the scheduled time. No need to worry, we are fast, and we are known for our punctuality.


Our experts arrive at your place

Our team of experts will come to your business or home, wherever the problem is. They will learn from you about the problems you are facing with your garage door track.


Inspect the whole garage door system

They will inspect the whole garage door system in order to determine the cause of the damage. There are several reasons that can cause the garage door off track. They will analyse the whole garage door track and note the level of damage caused.


Provide you recommendations

After analysing the damages caused to the track, they will recommend whether to get your garage door track repaired or replaced. If only the bottom track is broken, they will suggest you for garage door bottom track replacement.


Replace the garage door track

They will then replace the garage door track in a few hours. Moreover, they will also check the alignment of the door and the working of other parts of the garage door system.
Our experts will do the whole replacement process with utmost care. With our expertise and sufficient knowledge of all garage door tracks, we can replace or repair any garage door track - residential, commercial, or industrial.
A malfunctioning garage door is dangerous. To avoid injury, contact Cornelius Garage Doors for the best in garage door track repairs and replacement services. Call now on 704-830-0213

Garage door track replacement - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reuse my old garage door track?

If you are installing a new garage door, it is recommended to also change the garage door track. The reason being the old track may not function properly with the new garage door track.

For garage door track replacement, contact Cornelius Garage Doors on 704-830-0213.

Why should I change my garage door track?

When the garage door track breaks, twists or cracks, it needs to be changed. Or else that garage door can fall and cause property damage or injury.

To replace or repair the garage door off track, call Cornelius Garage Doors on 704-830-0213.

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