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Did a storm damage your garage door panels? Or are they got smashed by your car? Maybe they experienced wear and tear with time.

If so, you may need to replace the damaged garage door cables as soon as possible. Garage door panels replacement is needed when the panels are dented, bent, or faded.

Over time, with the frequent use of the garage door, the panels face normal wear and tear. However, if the garage door is not maintained, the panels can warp, crack, bend, or break.

Cornelius Garage Doors understands how important is your garage door. This is why we provide affordable and quick garage door panel replacement service. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians have experience in dealing with any garage door panel.

We are just a call away. Our team of professionals will come and replace your garage door panels in no time. So, whether you have a roll-up door or a sectional door, a wooden door, or a steel door, we assure you of a quick and efficient garage door panel replacement.

If you face any problem with your garage door panels in Cornelius, NC, Cornelius Garage Doors will help you. Call us today at 704-830-0213 to schedule service.

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Why do you need to replace your garage door panels?

Garage door panels are important in two ways -

  1. They give the “appealing” look to your garage door.
  2. Moreover, they are also important for the functioning of the whole garage door system.

This makes it necessary to keep the garage door panels well maintained. Moreover, if the garage door panels are broken, it can expose your home to animals and intruders.

Whether a bottom section or the middle panel of the garage door is damaged, it can be replaced. All you need to do is, call Cornelius Garage Doors. Our experts will change the garage door panel with the new one in a few hours.

Since the garage door panels are essential for the proper opening and closing of the garage door, you must replace them on time. You need to replace the garage door panels due to following reasons:

For the smooth functioning of the garage door

Even if a single garage door panel gets damaged, it will affect the working of the entire garage door. Cornelius Garage Doors experts also recommend replacing the damaged panels as soon as possible. Most of the time, the bottom panel gets damaged, further damaging the whole garage door.

To prevent the misalignment of the garage door

When the garage door panels break or get damaged extensively, it can cause a misalignment of the garage door. Moreover, if there is a storm or bad weather, it can increase the chances of misalignment of the garage door. Thus, to prevent the misalignment of the garage door, you need to get the broken panels replaced by a professional.

To avoid damage to other parts of the garage door system

If you continue to use a garage door with damaged garage door panels, it can also damage the other components of the garage door. For instance, the bottom panel of the garage door is where the springs are connected. If it gets damaged heavily, it can also cause damage to the springs of the garage door.

Thus, excess damage to the garage door panels requires replacement. Else it can cause more damage to the whole garage door system. 

garage door panels replacement cornelius nc

At Cornelius Garage Doors, our experts suggest changing the garage door panels when you notice heavy damage. This is because heavy damage causes misalignment, and this can increase the overall cost of repairs too.

Our professionals never want you to spend extra money. Moreover, we will never ask you to change the whole garage door when only panel replacement makes the whole system fine. We provide you with cost-effective estimates and fast garage door panel replacement service. 

To schedule a quick garage door panel replacement service, call Cornelius Garage Doors on 704-830-0213.

How to decide whether to replace garage door panels or not?

You can easily notice the damages caused to the garage door panels as they are directly visible. When the car accidentally hits the garage door, it can lead to a dent or breaking of the garage door panel.

In the following circumstances, you will need to replace the garage door panels:

  1. When the garage door panels have broken.
  2. When the panels have a lot of dents or scratches.
  3. When the broken panels cause difficulty in opening and closing the garage door.

A garage door panel replacement is not something that anyone can do. It requires a trusted professional with training and knowledge. Cornelius Garage Doors is one of the leading and trusted garage door panel replacement service, providers.

Each garage door technician is experienced with all facets of your garage door system. They will offer the best advice when it comes to garage door panel replacement service.

Our professionals will make sure to inform you of the appropriate solutions for the garage door panel replacement.

Moreover, we are reliable and assure you to provide a great customer experience. We believe that each garage door is different, and so is the solution to the problem. We go for inspection and then present the right solution in front of you.

Moreover, booking an appointment with us is easy and stress-free. We provide immediate service for garage door panel replacement. Call us now on 704-830-0213 

Garage door panels replacement service - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to replace the whole garage door if the panels are broken?

No. You only need to replace the damaged panels. Call a garage door professional to replace them because they have expertise and experience with all type of garage door panel replacements.

Cornelius Garage Doors have the best team of trained technicians whom you can reach by calling at 704-830-0213.

Can I replace the broken panels on my own?

Replacing the broken garage door panels on your own can be risky. You will need professional assistance in replacing the damaged panels.

Cornelius Garage Doors is just a call away. Call us on 704-830-0213 to schedule an appointment.

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If you have any other queries regarding the garage door panels replacement services that Cornelius Garage Doors offer, you can always call us at 704-830-0213. We are just a call away.