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Do you see any loose wire hanging on any side of the garage door? Or is your garage door moving fast? If you face any of such issues, chances are your garage door cable has got damaged.

Like other moving parts of the garage door system, the garage door cable is also an important part of the functioning of the door. If even one cable breaks, it will increase the tension on the other cable and other parts of the garage door.

However, identifying a broken garage door cable can be difficult. Homeowners are well acquainted with other garage door parts like garage door springs, rollers, openers, and panels. While they may not be able to identify a damaged garage door cable because they keep on serving fault in other parts.

Without garage door cables, you won’t be able to open or close your garage door. These are the cables that transfer the energy from the springs to the garage door. 

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If your garage door cables are snapped, you will need professional assistance to replace or repair them efficiently. Cornelius Garage Doors offers garage door cable repair and replacement services in Cornelius, NC.

We have a team of experts who are skilled and trained. With their knowledge, they can repair damaged garage door cables within a few hours. 

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How do I know if my garage door cables are damaged, and what should I do?

The garage door cables are crucial for the smooth operation of the garage door since they help you lift the garage door. When the garage door cables get damaged, you can see some unusual things happening with your garage door. It can be one or more from the following:

  1. The garage door is struggling to open
  2. The garage door is moving fast when you close it
  3. The garage door comes off the track, or it is uneven
  4. The garage door doesn’t work at all

If you notice any of the above things, the chances are that your garage door cable is snapped. 

However, several reasons can lead to the damage of the garage door cable:

The garage door cable has become old

With continuous use, the garage door faces normal wear and tear. Moreover, with years of its use, it becomes old and can break easily. This makes the garage door cable replacement necessary.

When other garage door parts get damaged

When any other garage door part gets damaged, it will surely affect the working of the cables. For instance, if the garage door spring gets damaged, it will increase the tension on the garage door cables

When the garage door cable is of poor quality

If during installation you use a garage door cable of poor quality, it will break easily. Since garage door cables are necessary to lift the garage door, they should be of high quality. The garage door cables hold high tension. This makes quality wires a high priority.

garage door cable replacement cornelius nc

If you see the garage door cables snapped, you should stop using the garage door. The reason being, if you keep on using the garage door with broken cables, it can cause more damage to the whole system. Further, it becomes risky, and the door can also fall.

You should immediately call a professional for help. A professional has the required knowledge and expertise to replace or repair the damaged garage door cable.

Cornelius Garage Doors provides high-quality garage door cable replacement service. Our technicians are trained and will arrive at your home to replace the snapped garage door cables efficiently.

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Everything you need to know about Cornelius Garage Doors cable repair and replacement service

Cornelius Garage Doors is a renowned name for quick and efficient garage door cable repair and replacement in Cornelius, NC. Garage door cable replacement and repair are dangerous and require specialized training. Only a trained professional can replace the high-tension garage door cables.

If your garage door is working improperly, do not try and fix garage door cables yourself. Call Cornelius Garage Doors for professional assistance on 704-830-0213 

Things that make Cornelius Garage Doors the right choice for garage door cable replacement:

Safety measures

Our technicians take care of your safety first. Moreover, they replace or repair the garage door cables with utmost care. 

Affordable price

The charges for the garage door cable replacement are cost-effective. Even if you need to replace both garage door cables, it won't cost you much at Cornelius Garage Doors.

Trained technicians

The Cornelius Garage Doors technicians are trained on a regular basis to keep them updated with the modern garage door service practices. We always keep up with industry standards to serve you better.

High-quality service 

Our high-quality work is what makes us different from others. From our technicians to the garage door, the parts we use are of premier quality. High-quality service is what we work for.

Trust Cornelius Garage Doors to repair or replace your broken garage door cables. With our unmatched customer service and expert technicians, you know the job will be done right the first time.

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Garage door cable repair and replacement - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prevent the snapping of the garage door cables?

The best way to prevent your garage door cables from snapping is by scheduling regular maintenance. The skilled technician can notice the excess tear and wear of the garage door cables and can prevent the breaking of the garage door cables. 

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Is it necessary to get the damaged garage door cables replaced?

Yes, it is important to get your damaged garage door cables replaced. The reason being, they are crucial for lifting the garage door cable. If not replaced, it can damage the garage door and other parts of the garage door system.

To get professional assistance for replacing the garage door cables, call Cornelius Garage on 704-830-0213

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